Don’t do it
Be silent
just listen
to my heart beating
like a dream
chasing me down
six feet under
your demons
my skin
tearing me apart
i fall deeper
into your skin
I can’t take it
I’m drowning
in my mind
there’s a deep
i bang the door
echoes travel
dark shapes
take form
angels with horns
smiles deadly
heads turn
i look at you
a god
a man
breathing fire
drinking my soul
in your love
A broken soul
i keep coming
back to you
a drug.



Late evening around mid June 05′. The air was rather breezy with a hint of cigars and cheap labor from your local workers. She stood there watching them. Her lips drawn in a thin line laced with cheap red to match her red skirt. Petite but beautiful,long black hair. Another puff from her cigarette,frail long manicured hands. Anna,but folks preferred ‘Annie the bitch’ and she loved it.

Taking one last puff she tosses it across the street and looks at her watch,cheap but timely handy. She walked futher down the street as they watched her. Whistles and mockery spilled in the air. A manicured middle finger in the air,”Fuck off pigs”.

A ride pulls up and the black tinted window rolls down. She stops for a bit and looks at the old man probably late 40’s. His wrinkled face makes her wanna puke. “Hey sugar,let’s go to my place.” Those yellow teeth,disgusting! I would rather die. Some men.

“Listen here dipshit,am not your fucking whore. Go jerk off to porn”.

With this she leaves swinging her hips ferociously.

They both glance at each other as he drives past her.

Fake ass bitches.

Egocentric moron.

She gets into a cab and drives uptown. An aura of confidence floats around her. She’s ready for new posssibilities.

“Keep the change man,am feeling lucky today.” He smiles for the big tip he gets.

She walks inside Global Order Co. and adjusts her skirt. Breathe in breathe out Annie,you the bitch. Let’s do this.

The front desk attendant seems unimpressed or rather bored. Maybe sitting behind there everyday doing the same thing rubs on you after a while. Or maybe attitude is a qualification for receptionists.

“Excuse me ma’am, i have an appointment with Mr.Richie. Could you guide me to the office or tell him am here to see him.”

“Your name?”

“Anne Simpsons”

She got an attitude. Just smile.

“First floor Room 4.”

Annie walks towards the elevator and enters. She kisses her Rosary,the only holy thing faith has to offer her. More like an assurance her mother is watching.

The elevator comes to a stop,she steps out and looks at the rooms spiraling down. She walks selfassured, searching for the room.

Room 04

She knocks and a familiar voice calls out.

Time to shine Annie. You got this.

She enters the room and stands at the door. Time stops.

Are you kidding me right now?

She’s frozen.

“Hey sugar,i see you already got to my place.” Bitch i got you good.

Run Annie,this smells like trouble.

Dawn Again😢

Just kiss me slow

Taste the bitter sweet truth

Let me in

Inside of you

Let me drink your thoughts

And feel the burn of your demons

Caress me

Hold me tightly love

Because i have doubts

There’s a fog blinding me

Towers all around me

My insecurities

Tell me am unworthy of you.

Look deep within

What do you see?

Does the color of my eyes

Betray my sadness?

Does the glow of my skin

Give you bad intentions?

Does the touch of my tips

Recoil your soul?

I’d like you to come closer

Let me whisper my soul

Lay me down on soft cushions

Strip me naked

Count my flaws with your tongue

Deep growls echo

Do you want me?

Do i want you?

I need this

I need you

My body against yours

Palms tracing my curves

We twisting and turning

Fucking and loving

I close my eyes and forget for a minute

The fear of losing you.

Awake…in my skin

Alone in my bed

Afraid you’ve left


New courage🌸✨

I try to rearrange my thoughts into words that don’t pierce your fragile mind.

I try to be nice for your sake,so i can see the smile on your face.

I try to laugh at your lame jokes, hoping your self esteem never dies.

I try to comfort you the best way i can, take away all your pain.

I try to be there for you every single time,so that you never feel alone.

I try so hard.

I try so hard to make you happy,when i can just scream my thoughts at you.

I try so hard to laugh when those lame jokes sound dry at my throat.

I try so hard to boost your self esteem when mine is already buried to the ground.

I try so hard to take away all the pain and am left hollow like an empty space,carrying all your burden.

I try so hard to be there even when you don’t notice.

Then i stop trying.

I stop living my life for you.

I start making myself happy.

I say the nasty thoughts.

I scream my mind to the galaxies.

I replace the burden with happiness.

I reboot my self esteem.

I feel alive once more.

Then you come crawling like a poison,

Forgetting the times i was there for you.

Saying hurtful things

Regrets of what you’ve lost

Pain of seeing me flourish

But i have a new courage now,

And this time

It’s about me and my happiness

I flip my hair and shut the door.

Thanksgiving surprise

I stood there in the darkness

And watched as he strangled

The life out of it

I ran back home to tell mama

But she was busy cooking

My favorite meal

I tugged on her skirt

I stuttered

Nothing came out

He came in carrying it

Horror in my eyes

Pleasure in his

I ran to my bedroom

Slammed it so hard it echoed

I stayed there

1,maybe 3 hours

It replayed in my mind

Over and over

I held on my throat

Was i next?

A knock


I got under my covers

Closed my eyes and prayed

A hand on the covers

I screamt

It was mama calling me to eat

I followed meekly

It smelt so nice

I sat next to him

He smiled at me

I looked at the food

He had killed Her

She was now laying on my plate

I watched them as they munched her

I whispered ‘am sorry friend’

And took a bite of the chicken.


It’s funny how we smile at


It’s sad how we smile when we are


It’s questioning how we smile after


It’s intriguing when we smile at sad


It’s ridiculous how we smile at


Walking smileys..ain’t we

Then we frown at the mediocrity

We curse the ones who hurt us

We question the lies

We analyze the sad moments

We cry at the pain

Mixed emotions..mixed smileys.